Judith Rew

Judith Rew began her training in Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan with Holly Sweeney-Hillman in 2002 and has achieved the level of Copper Tiger (Level 4) in the Yang Family ranking system. Previously, Judith trained in Goju Ryu and Shotokan karate for 15 years. She became a recognized Associate Instructor in 2011 and took over the teaching of all classes at Tai Chi Montclair. Judith also teaches in senior centers, special fitness programs, colleges, and correctional institutions.

In August 2012 she competed in the Yang Traditional Tai Chi Fourth International Invitational Tournament of Shanxi Province, China, and earned two bronze medals.

In 2019 she competed in Selvino, Italy in the first International Yang Family International Association Tournament.

Judith’s martial arts training began as a strong interest in self defense for women and now focuses on the physical and mental health benefits of tai chi. She has trained to teach the Yang Family Traditional Long Form 103, The Gong 10-Movement Form, the Essentials 22-movement form, as well as the 16-movement form; the Yang Family Style 67-movement Sword Form; the Yang Family Style 13-movement Saber Form, and Yang Family Style Push Hands.