Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey!
— Judith

Originated and widely practiced in China, tai chi is a series of precise flowing movements that develop balance, strength, flexibility, focus, endurance and calmness. Most major research institutions now recommend Tai Chi for a wide range of physical, neurological, and mental health issues. Many students begin for health reasons then find themselves in love with the beauty of the movements and the pleasure of practice with others. Some are drawn to the echos of its Chinese martial arts origins.

Tai Chi Montclair welcomes students of all ages and abilities. Beginners are given special attention in either a beginners or mixed level class in order to learn the basic techniques and concepts to avoid injury and optomize the learning of the forms. See full schedule of classes.

Tai Chi Montclair mainly practices the Yang Family Traditional Long Form (103 movements), as passed down through six generations. Each class begins with a 15-minute qigong-inspired warm-up.

Director and Head Instructor Judith Rew has been studying Yang Family Traditional Tai Chi for 18 years and is a recognized Associate Instructor by the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association, See full bio.

We have two convenient locations in Montclair, New Jersey, both lovely and air conditioned. In the summer we schedule monthly Saturday morning practices in area parks.

Photos by Liz Lara-Collado (except Blog)